Japan Takes WBC Opener 4-0 Over China


t1_ichiro.jpgYour boy’s getting big now, my Manny post was up on the front page.


How many of you actually woke up at 4:30 EST to watch the World Baseball Classic opener like me?  Well I’m a little nuts and don’t sleep but in case you missed it, Japan opened up with a 4-0 win over China.  They were led by Yu Darvish pitching four shutout innings before being removed because of a 70-pitch limit for first round games as six Japanese pitchers tossed a shutout.  Shuichi Murata had the big bang with a two-run blast in the third inning.  Ichiro Suzuki was 0-5 at the plate though he did have a nice running grab up against the wall.  Despite a quiet day offensively,   Japan overall looked pretty good as they try to defend their title

As for China I am not impressed at all.  One in every six people on this Earth, 1.3 billion, live in China.  Yet despite being successful in athletics, baseball has never quite caught on and they have never produced an MLB player.  They don’t hit for much power and their ace tops out at 83.  I’ve faced kids that throw harder and I play at a Division 3 high school in Massachusetts.  The only thing that seemed moderately impressive was their speed down the baseline but that won’t be winning any ballgames.  I expect them to be two and done.

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