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Manny Re-Signs Four Months Too Late

mannyDodger.jpgDodgers offer in November 2008: 2 years, 45 million

Dodgers offer in March 2009: 2 years, 45 million

What’s different?

Absolutely nothing.

So why did the deal take so long to get done?  Manny did nothing over the past few months other than illustrate a greedy, selfish picture of himself to fans and the media.  Actually that representation was made years ago and rather just retraced from an image of him in a Boston uniform, but all in all it was an unnecessary PR hit that could’ve been avoided had he just taken the deal in the first place.  Now the Manny-Boras party comes out looking like T.O.-Rosenhaus did in Philadelphia.

L.A. is a perfect fit for Manny and Manny is a perfect fit for L.A.  The fans will still love him there, at least until he makes them think otherwise.  Slot him in the clean-up spot right between Andre Ethier and James Loney and what you have is an argument for best line-up in the National League and surely the most complete top to bottom.

While it may have taken a while to get done, what’s important is that he is back.  Fans, front office and Manny himself need to let bygones be bygones.  Manny is happy and stepping to the plate once every nine batters and that’s all that matters.  The Dodgers are now the favorites in the NL West.